Maya Angelou Poem by Falana Zion

Maya Angelou

I wish you rise from that stinky grave
The home of grimy worms
For my ear seeks your words more
The word of light, hope and love

The world is eager,
to hear the words that rip heart apart
The sword-like words
That pierce the evil hearts

Maya Angelou,
my greatest role model
Amid all the life's threats
Still you rise

Ma'am, I'm working to rise
so at the end,
I'd tell my world
Still I Rise

Saturday, August 24, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Sylvia Frances Chan 06 September 2019

My comments are for you to grow, as a person. Life needs more, a reality to experience. Wish you more good days to grow in thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 06 September 2019

A good poem with the best intentions, but nowadays you need not to rise, the respected great Poetess Maya Angelou lived in another era, in another society the emotions she had known, felt and experienced, you cannot even grasp. You have written a good poem, brilliant deed to mention the great Poetess, but you need more to read before

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Falana Zion

Falana Zion

Ekiti State, Nigeria
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