A Wish Come True Poem by Falana Zion

A Wish Come True

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The stars are cool
They smile like you

The flowers steal my gaze
Like you each time at the terrace

The trees are beautiful
Just like you

The smiles of you
Make a wish come true

Each time I sing all things
bright and beautiful
I remember you're beyond
a thing that's beautiful

You're beyond beautiful
You're undefineable
You're just a wish come true

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Bernard F. Asuncion 01 July 2020

A well written composition. Simply marvelous...10++

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Michael Burch 30 June 2020

I like your poem. It has nice meter, nice rhyme and a nice spirit. However " Just like the way you do" doesn't really go with trees being beautiful. Perhaps consider: The trees are beautiful Just like you OR The trees are beautiful And so are you

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Asha Kumari 30 June 2020

Very nice poem. Keep on going....

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Asha Kumari 30 June 2020

Very nice poem. Keep on going.

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Rajnish Manga 30 June 2020

Brilliant articulation. It transforms love into a thing of the other world. This is an outstanding piece of poetry. Thanks a lot.

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Bri Edwards 14 August 2020

FIZ, I just scrolled down your list of titles and would like to return to read more. Are any you esp. would like me to read and comment on? bri :)

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Bri Edwards 12 August 2020

I don't know why it's spelled this way, with just two " e" s, while I think it is pronounced like it has 3! undefinable [??nd?'fin?b(?) l] DEFINITION adjective form of undefined ................... Anyway it is very clear the speaker REALLY LIKES the object (man or woman) spoken of. Nice. bri ;)

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Jose Mathews Kannamplal 07 August 2020

Falana Idowu Zion, May your wish come True. The Poem The Smile, The Gaze, The, Beauty, The Smile, Bright and Beautiful, Beyond Beautiful, Undeniable, " You're just a wish come true" The poet's ardent longing for the wish is well evident and clearly portrayed. Keep on writing.

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Anil Kumar Panda 24 July 2020

Simple and beautiful poem. Loved its flow. Thanks for sharing.

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Louis Rams 24 July 2020

as seen thru the eyes of love! good write

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Falana Zion

Falana Zion

Ekiti State, Nigeria
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