Friday, June 4, 2010


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I am a thief,
a professional thief.
But despite my great expertise,
I’m not able to make both ends meet.
My existence—
what would I say? —it’s the worst:
like everyday digging a well,
to quench an inescapable thirst.

But today when I returned home
from the end of the world,
I had a vision I could clearly see,
and my future was just dancing before me.

I need simply to sit on the terrace of my room,
maybe on the floor or in a reclining chair,
beyond any worry or any care,
and do my stealing leisurely from there.
“Run your faithful imagination before; ”
the vision said, “the treasure of the whole world
would be yours! ”

From the heart of the wonderful moonlit night,
I steal the stillness into my mind,
stuffing into the bag the twinkling stars of my breaths,
coming in and going out that I watch incessant
at the tip of my nose
with the moon of my awareness- like a torch!

Then I snatch the clouds floating around
of the sensations coursing throughout my body,
until I have collected all the clouds from the sky,
and the moon of my awareness
brightly shining by and by.

Finally I put the moon of awareness into my bag as well,
and a miracle happened, difficult to be believed,
love, beauty, and joy overflowed throughout my being,
what a sigh of relief at last I heaved!

And I thought:
“Does this treasure require any thinking?
No. None.
It is a dance! The whole being is singing! ”

I have collected enough of the treasure,
and should make now for home,
but, I realized,
I’m already in my own room,
so why bother? Just relax in leisure.

And it was an incredible transformation!

I’ve changed. Lo! I am absolutely changed:
no more shame!
But now, I’m a clean man;
no longer a thief, I can claim.

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Amrit Rathi
Marieta Maglas 18 June 2010
An eloquent, poetic write, nice meditation
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Noel Horlanda 13 June 2010
A thief at the start and at the end of the day the said thief became clean, a righteous man. I like the lines particularly the collection of ideas deep rooted in the mind's author. A real meditation indeed. Well done, mate.
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O' how the power of meditation transforms. This lovely poem is so inspiring. a 10+++
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Great beauty and feeling in some of the stolen lines and the thief was exceptionally daring and cosmic.10+
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The power of meditation transformed into poetic words, So well penned!
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Gita Ashok 07 June 2010
Your title, essence of the poem and the analogy are so perfect. After reading it, I feel I had just been to a much needed meditation session to shed all the anxieties of my mind and now I feel so light, so free. Your poem has an amazing effect on me. Please keep writing and sharing all your precious creative gems. Needless to say, this deserves a straight 10+.
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Mathew Brady 07 June 2010
What a wonderful write on meditation! Everything is covered amusingly: observing breaths to sharpen our faculty to focus, then watching the sensations in the body so that they gradually subside making us lighter, and finally divining the joy and peace of the being! The metaphors are soothing and stunning. Congratulations I give 10++. Thanks
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Hans Vr 06 June 2010
My imagination was floating during my reading of the poem. You took us from the material world into the spiritual How true that our material thirst is never satisfiable no matter how many wells we dig How true that our spriitual life can be endlessly enriched by 'stealing' a bit of moonlight into our soul. The great person you are fully transpires in this poem. Thanks a lot for sharing. Perhaps tonight i will drink a bit of the moonlight. Many, many thanks again for providing this very nice piece of inspiration. Hans
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