Thursday, July 8, 2010


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In the warm embrace
of your beloved when you rise,
like a spring tide of the sea,
splashing currents of surprise,
and you hug and kiss,
not a moment you miss.
Like on a delicate flower,
the whole world’s love you shower.

Oh, her beautiful face
shining like the magnificent moon!
And in her deep inviting eyes,
unfathomed yearns you see soon,
and let it go, you can’t resist—
the two bodies, heart pulsating,
move closer to a splendid feast!
Once more you kissed, and lo!
The flame became a golden glow.

The two souls, opposites, lovingly meet.
Two hearts, but as one they beat.
Wonderful—what a splendid treat!
Oh! Where’ve egos’ boundaries gone?
Love flowers when such joy does dawn.

You explore each other
in reckless inning-
no past, no future,
only this moment’s meaning.
Awareness is filled
in every moment that strives,
Mindfulness meditation comes alive,
if it’s not mechanical, with the tension,
but is with love and total attention.

Like a downpour on the scorching earth,
you rain down like a smothering volcano,
full of lava and with a sigh of mirth,
feeling free though both in a bond,
and the souls spread their wings across
the ecstasy and its far beyond.

In the moments of sheer pleasure
the thinking mind’s absent, along with its logic,
and only awareness’s present like a laser,
so in any form the mindfulness,
near the divinity can be placed.
“Sex to Divinity”—what Osho said—
seems to make sense
though often it was wrongly played.

In mindfulness a normal activity
is a means to an end,
with our fullest attention,
becomes the end in itself simply.

In the garden smell the fragrance of flowers,
behold their beauty, movements, and so on.
Or while eating, experience the grub,
its chewing, juices, tastes that flow on.
Why bother once you’ve set the destination!
Living through the journey is celebration.

Moment-to-moment awareness-
what we call-is the mindfulness;
any activity- walking, making love
or exercising -for this you can take.

Away from your thinking mind,
when you create a gap in the stream of thoughts,
this is the awareness that divinely shines
in mindfulness meditation’s shrine.
Amrit Rathi
Gillena Cox 10 December 2012
romantic, starts in warm tones and keeps the heat
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Amrit Rathi 26 July 2010
Yes doc, you are right Vipassana meditation requires a lot of discipline. It falls into formal mindfulness practices which also include body scan, sitting meditation and other methods. Informal practices involve developing moment-to-moment awareness for which any activity can become occasion fro practicing it: eating, showering, shaving, walking, house cleaning, playing with children, making love, or coping with wide range of situations. http: // Thanks.
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And in her deep inviting eyes, so many deep beautiful lines in this poem of love a new level attained in your writing my friend
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The poem has a beautiful flow..n the reader is swept away in the flow....Amazing Poem...another super arrow from your Arsenal
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C N Prem Kumar 10 July 2010
A good philosophy conveyed through a beautiful poem, with grace. Congratulations.
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Hans Vr 09 July 2010
I love this poem and I think if Osho would have been able to see it, he would have loved it too. Focus on what we do, the present is everything. Mindfulness. Great write.
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A deeply inspired poem, much enlightenment, encouragement and wisdom. Well done! ; D
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Malaya Roses 08 July 2010
Focus will lead man to be a real human with sense, logic and morally sober. Conscious will be awaken by focus and self-reminder will automatically guide a person to be better than before. It is not easy to get stability in emotion but meditation surely can assist and eliminate wordly negative influence. This is a poem which require deeper understanding of the real awareness function in order to gain peace of mind, peace society and clean civilization. Well done sir.
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