' Mending Fences Poem by Linda Ori

' Mending Fences

Rating: 5.0

What is life but a bumpy ride,
A journey from here to the other side,
Trying our best to maintain our pride
While knowing we don't know it all;

Sometimes we step on the other guy's toes,
Because we know better whatever he knows,
That may not be true, and our ignorance shows
It's not easy admitting we're wrong;

I've said some things that I shouldn't have said,
And now I am sleeping alone in my bed,
Playing them over inside of my head,
Wondering what did I gain?

Life has moved on and I'm getting older,
Friendships I've lost make the world a bit colder,
Now when I cry no one lends me a shoulder.....
Victory's hollow rewards?

It's time to mend fences and swallow my pride,
Admit that I'm sorry and hurting inside,
It may not be easy, but I'll know I tried
To put things to rest after all;

For carrying grudges brings nothing but pain,
Wasting good time standing out in the rain,
While old friends move on, and what did I gain?
Time spent alone with myself.

Thomas Carolan 06 March 2014

linda you say it all in this poem here because none of us know it all no matter how we try I was told this as sixteen year old by a ninety year old man your poem dug that back for me wishes thomas

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Chuck Audette 27 September 2012

Linda, it's not so bad standing in the rain, as long as you've got a good umbrella. Liked this! -chuck

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Ernestine Northover 09 July 2012

Wonderful write Linda I really enjoyed reading this one the flow was great and the contents also. It certainly rings a bell! ! ! ! ! ! ! Lovely to hear from you. Take care Love Ernestine

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Ann Beard 09 July 2012

Love the humour blanketing regret. Love the rhythm

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