Mentor Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar


Rating: 2.5

And we come back again,
Full circle...
Mentor friend of mine!
We've locked horns,
Both too strong to admit...
The direction taken,
Had been ordained and defined!
But this time I find reason...
With sharpened tools,
You helped me find...
To thank you for your time,
You unselfishly gave.
To assist and clarify
What I needed to polish and refine!

Herbert Nehrlich1 01 October 2006

How well I know I wanted us to grow! I figured if you used the tools we both could never look like fools, you balked and squinted then my way but in the end it was okay. We wandered down that path, first you when all the bracken still had dew reciting to the forest's trees such wondrous poems, and the breeze embraced our sentiments and words presenting them to waiting birds who turned the poems into songs the forest soon was bare of wrongs! And left behind was rancid flesh which spawned new life, to start afresh And when the two of us great masters got back to man's abject disasters we did remember then the day when summertime was green and gay and when both Lawrence and his buddy stopped in to see that fuddy-duddy, and tested out the motorcar that wears the triple silver star. Soon civilised and sinful life had trapped us well, we took a wife and settled down to homely chores, Lawrence and Herbert, two old bores. Well, H

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