Dilantha Gunawardana

Message In A Bottle (Part 2) - Poem by Dilantha Gunawardana

As the cacophony and hustle and bustle swiftly rolls
In the heart of Colombo the wind gallantly strolls
As the waves swirl and twirl on to the sandy lawn
Aeolus hums her melodies in a breathtaking song

She was a naive jogger on the sandy beach
Away from her husband's fists' horrendous reach
A jog in the morning to escape life's shatter
As she sips the winds in the sandy scatter

The pristine beach the home to her aspirations and dreams
As the sands greet the ocean's cascading streams
One day, on the sandy surface, there stood a corked bottle
An epistle inside to transform her life's throttle

It was a letter from a man who was a mummy to love
As pursuits of love metamorphosed to an unforgiving trove
Negatives from her lips in the Saharan desserts of love
Waiting for Kismet's palms to lend in a shove

The angel in her emerged as she sought to salvage
The scraps of a man a refugee of love in the modern age
Love his sadistic obsession with nails and hammers
As gold is not every lass that shimmers

She constructed her reply for a man she knew nothing of
Threw it from the corner of a peer's loft
Then as the ocean currents played postman to her epistle
On the Kerala coast there was a man who found his mistral

A mistral a gentle wind that softly touches the pores
A mistral a breeze that moistures the heart's core
As a mistral of the Indian ocean brought in love in cork and glass
His life metamorphosed to a journey to greet a serendipitous lass

He gazed at the Catamaran a poor fisherman's breadwinner
That looked after his life in the golden thick and the charcoal thinner
Then as the mistral unfolded from Aeolus's lips
Sails flamboyantly waved on the catamaran ship

As he finally reached the cruelly arid Mannar port
Waiting was a dainty creature in a whirling cavort
As he anchored his fragile vessel to a wind tarnished pole
She rushed towards the wind in her bear naked soles

Love knocks on your door in messages and epistles
Love blows to your heart in breezes and mistrals
Love spawned between two thirties adults in the form of a bottle
Love blossomed in to a union like roses and a path of petals

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Ode to love in the Indian subcontinent

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 20, 2012

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