*** A Poem For You *** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

*** A Poem For You ***

Rating: 4.4

The distance, laden with terminal disease
Counting the days to eternal abyss

Fragile, a vein ruptures
Agile, a mood bursts

Your scent is across the ocean
I smell the stinky you, in notion

Desire so beautiful, like a poppy
Blossoms, sugar coated with honey

I got no means to come to you
If I can walk the ocean blue

I don’t have to write this poem
Just bury ourselves in a dorm

For a start, before luxury unleashes
We bravely, overcome love patches

PS: I was listening to Andy Williams' song 'Love Story' (where do I begin) whilst writing this lovely poem!


Lets count the days to eternal life of peace and love! Great work.

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Muflih N 23 January 2009

Great work. I feel the loonging for seeing somebody.

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Julia Queen 23 January 2009

I LIKE IT! It's very deep. Very wonderful. And very awesome!

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Samweli Butobi 28 January 2009

absolutly beautiful got 10

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Little Morning Star 29 January 2009

this poem is really beautiful.. very well penned..

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Ruby Mostazir 15 June 2015

Jst love it......

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Romeo Della Valle 14 March 2010

Excellency shown here, your great artistic talent has been proven here, one more time...'WISDOM is not a privilege but a GIFT given to us by our creator to be share with the rest of the world...Thanks for sharing...10++++

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Anand Madhukar 18 September 2009

Lavish imagery makes this write opulent.

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Maria Barbara Korynt 27 July 2009

It is very beautiful poem, subtle and good. I like it very much. Thanx. (10v.) Greetings. Maria Barbara Korynt

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Shawn Greyling 30 April 2009

Yuo have a gift my friend, to take words, put them together and paint a story is a gift that owns more value than gold. 10/10!

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