Message To A Poet Poem by Gillena Cox

Message To A Poet

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Descend into your creative self!
That fertile place of being,
Like the potters shop;

Scoop out of the raw natural you!
The earthy messy innards and,
Follow the example of the potters!

At the wheel of your thoughts,
Mould, shape, and spin today;
Be inspired by the ambience,
Of a fresh page in the book of your life!
In which art speaks in whispers;

Wherein, any word,
Any symbol, any character,
Can be written, in any language;
Format a micro world!
Like a grain of sand,
On a stretch of beach,

Unique, belonging,
Necessary, unobserved,
Yet known en mass,
Collective and cumulative.

Catrina Heart 09 November 2009

a wonderful word play woven in great thoughts and it! ! !

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Obinna Eruchie 07 November 2009

A nice message full of advice for every poet to be skillfully unique in his or her choice of words, as he or she creates a poem.

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rago rago 06 November 2009

nicely written and communicated to the poet.................

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 26 October 2009

Hi Gillena, I agree with Yoonoos. Your words are full of poetic wisdom. I think the message fits to all poets in general. Thanks for sharing. Regards Naseer

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