Coldness Poems: 300 / 500

Migrants Of Sophistication

Rating: 5.0

Well they do come in droves
from the coldness of Britain
they abandon their stoves
with Down Under they're smitten.

And with visa in hand
they start looking around
they expect from this land
a nice house and some ground.

They are settled so soon
and start eyeing the locals
and they look from Yeppoon
to the South with bifocals.

Now the Natives are clever
and a bit 'sticky-beak'
in the land of the Never
there is nobody meek.

Conversations soon flourish
and ideas are exchanged
but if thoughts are to nourish
then the Brits are deranged!

Looking down on us Aussies
and critiquing our lives
that's reserved for our Mozzies
and, at times for our wives.

A gregarious lot
with the humour to please
but the fool we are not
it's the mate we do tease.

As a souvereign nation
standing proud by ourselves
your sophistication
is as dull as your elves.

As the billy is steaming
and you step off your plane
you can finish your dreaming
we don't fancy them vain.

Joseph Daly 06 December 2005

I like this Herbert. But can you imagine if you did not speak English? Things would be a whole lot worse.

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Cj Heck 06 December 2005

Very nice, Herbert - a little insight here and it's good. Warmest regards, CJ

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Raynette Eitel 06 December 2005

What fun, Herbert! Sort of like when New Yorkers come to the west and think we are all hayseeds. Ha! How I do love Australia and have nothing to criticize there. Raynette

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