Milly's Bargain Store Poem by Amber Piercy

Milly's Bargain Store

Prompt: Perfect Days Grow in Mysterious Ways

Elenore Saga part: 7

I'm going shopping for the baby today
We get to go into town
My body is changing in the motherly way
My belly is getting slightly round

We want to go get a cradle
For our baby to be
But don't comes the ladle
Of whether it's a he or she

We are almost to the fork
That takes us to our destination
I'm about to pop like a cork
As we get close to the station

We pull up to 'Milly's Store'
They always have a good bargain
Depending on what the cradle sells for
I may also get a playpen

My excitement is overflowing
My black hair is pulled into a pretty bun
The wildflowers are growing
And soaking up the warm sun

Up ahead, I see my dear friend Susan
As she walks up the street
I greet my old friend
Her smile is warm and sweet

I'm giddy like a child
It's been so long
The weather is mild
The birds tweet their lovely song

Susan asks about the baby
We both begin to chat
She's so excited for me
I told her I feel so fat

Our giggling must have upset Charles
Because he shooed us both long
Susan began to purr
And sang the baby a song

I saw the perfect cradle
Made out of the finest pine
I looked at the label
The price was only nine ninty-nine

Bless be to Jesus we had more than enough
I said goodbye to my oldest friend
And loaded up the baby's stuff

The day ended perfectly
As I kissed my loves cheek
I'm utterly happy
I dare not speak

Thank you, Charles, for a beautiful day
I couldn't ask God for more
I'm so proud to be your wife
You're beautiful, Elenore

A.D. Small
May 19,2023

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