Miss You (Rip Kondor, Martin Oif 29apr04) Poem by Tears From A Soldiers Eyes

Miss You (Rip Kondor, Martin Oif 29apr04)

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I miss you my buddy and I miss you my friend
I was there beside you until the end

I saw you pay that priceless cost
The day you left I was lost

You were my friend for so many years
Now I'm alone with mourning tears

I will strive, to keep your memory alive
So that all will know the reason you died

You gave your life so all could be free
You didn't fight alone you fought with me

Today is so hard to get past the pain
Your memory hits me like an invisible rain

With so many people you left behind
I can only imagine the pain in their mind

So many words I want to say
But its hard to get them out, at least today

I remember your smile so big a bright
You could always make me laugh day or night

You were truly an angel here on earth
What a blessing you were since your birth

I'll stop for now cause my eyes are so wet I cannot see
I will continue to pray for your family cause I know they are praying for me

For: SPC Martin Kondor

Daniel Chapman

Geri Ferris 20 February 2007

this poem must have been very hard to write because it was so sad(what happened) . im sorry for your loss. ill pray for your friend, you, and all the other soldiers in iraq. GOOD LUCK! !

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Rebeca Valenzuela 21 January 2007

what a heartfelt poem. your beloved friend is in a better place now. All you can do is pray and have faith.

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Debora Johnson 11 December 2006

There's nothing I can say that will ease your pain, but I can say, you honored your friend well.Hang in there Daniel.

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