Missing Him... Poem by Cj Heck

Cj Heck

Cj Heck

Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida

Missing Him...

Rating: 4.6

Whisker droppings in the sink,
moustache trimmed just so.
Spots of water on the mirror,
always in a rush to go.

Lazy bubbles on the shower door,
toothpaste squeezed in the middle.
Trash bags waiting by the door,
clothes picked up, just a little.

Seat left up on the toilet
like a dragon waiting to bite.
Remembering is bittersweet,
little flaws have become giant sighs.

Joseph Daly 07 December 2005

Us men, hey CJ? Lovely image of the toilets seat being like a dragon about to bite. With all this 'men are so stupid' messages put across by the media these days this is a refreshing take on it. Men act silly because you let us. Love Denis Joe

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Michael Shepherd 07 December 2005

CJ - I dedicate my poem 'Toothpaste Tubes and Toilet Seats' to you - though I can't take away the sadness... so let's laugh a little... 'Personalize Your Home! Paint a Freudian Dragon on Your Toilet Seat to Remind Him...SINGE...SNAP....

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Mary Nagy 07 December 2005

CJ, this is such a sad and tender poem..............we feel your pain. Very touching. You've made me appreciate my husband just a little more now, thank you. Sincerely, mary

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Shannon Chapel 09 December 2005

Nice one, C.J. It's funny - to one person these things are a source of constant aggravation, but to another a gift from God. A good reminder to not take the people in our lives for granted. Lovely. Shannon

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Hugh Cobb 07 December 2005

CJ: This piece is very evocative. It is a lovely description of loss and remembrance. It doesn't matter whether the loss is a death, separation, divorce or stems from some other cause. The small details are well-realized and assist the dimensionality of the poem. The rhyme scheme is very well done, except in the final verse. That's where the slant rhyme doesn't hold up as well. It might do with a little rethinking to see if there is a way to keep the rhyme exact as in the first two stanzas. (Just a thought.) It could work like this: Little flaws giant sighs incite. With warm wishes for a joyous Christmas season! HDC

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***** ********* 07 December 2005

CJ, nice poem, you have no idea how I would love to have those irritating habits back in my life! lol The poem suggests that he's still around, so enjoy, is my advice, cus ya never know whats around the corner. 10 from Tai

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John Kay 07 December 2005

CJ....it's nice to have these things put into perspective. It's tough being a husband. We hardly ever get it right. But I don't mean to make light of your loss if he is really gone. A poem well done.

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Uriah Hamilton 07 December 2005

The heart really can miss even flaws.

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Cj Heck

Cj Heck

Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida
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