Money Poem by Hebert Logerie


Rating: 4.4

Money is the root of all evil,
Money was blessed by the devil,
Money, money can kill,
Money can cheat, steal…
Ask the disbarred lawyer,
What this sad creature
Can do: It can commit suicide,
Money, money can divide,
Money is not what you think it is,
Having money is not going to put you really at ease,
On the contrary, you’ll have fewer friends,
And more creatures showing their hands,
Claws, guns and deadly weapons.
Money will not send you to the heavens,
Money, money is dirty and evil;
Money is a sick devil.
Money and women don’t mix,
Just like alcohol and driving.
Having hush money is not a quick fix,
But a dangerous way to go down the ravine.
Money is not what you think it is,
Having money is not going to put you really at ease.
Money exists to be spent:
To buy food, clothes, and to pay the rent.
Be careful with money,
Money is not a faithful honey.

Ahmad Arli Hikmawan 26 August 2009

Too much of anything Can't be lacking Problem solving Without Learning ... Too much money Won't make you ready To face your greed Just let it breed ... It's not the money that makes all cosmos turned into chaos, but people who consider it as their ultimate goal and willing to go through various means to attain it. At least, that's my opinion. Nice writings....

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Louis Rams 02 September 2009

we need money to survive, on that there is no lie. so use the money sparingly, for thats all that can be.

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Chitra - 01 September 2009

Very true! This poem flows very well and capitalizes on the concept of Cupidiity so well

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Irina Podgorbunskya 29 November 2009

Very true poem! I agree with you! Well written! thank you!

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Ashley Davis 05 September 2009

Money can get the best of people...very nicely written! !

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Agya Singh 27 January 2019

Thanks for such a wonderful poem

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Money will not send you to heaven, money will cheat you.......a pious thought. Thank you poet

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Mohd Azni 12 January 2018

Very good

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 08 January 2010

Please read Ace Grace, Life Divine Regards, niv

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 08 January 2010

Excellent Sir… Let me write a few lines: [1] Ramakrishna Paramshanshadev [the disciple of Whom is Cyclonic Humane swami Vivekananda] opined ‘Lucre and Lust are source of delusion. [2] Sri Aravinda [great Maharshi Supreme Sage] also opined that we’re just custodian of His riches and if we misuse He will put out us from custodianship… So money has to be used in wise and prudent way. 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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