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Monologue With Lord Sankara! -I - Poem by Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Venerated, learned and devoted seers and sages
Like Vasista, Vaamadeva and Gautama [1];
Vedantins immersed in Bhakti like Adi Sankara [2];
Gems among devotees, the Nayanamaars [3];
Siva devotees like Basaveswara [4] and Saivaite poet-laureates
Like Kalidasa [5], Nannechoda, Paalkuriki Somana, Sreenatha,
Dhoorjati [6] worshipped you with their art;
And all these have made their lives worthy by making you dwell in their hearts
And attained calmness in mind by chanting Siva Panchaakshari [7];
Please initiate me also into your worship
I too will meditate on your Divine Name
And will have your Vision and become You, Sankara!

Let my poetry, fiction and all literary creation
Be full with describing Your Auspicious Qualities
And the Compassion You shower artistically when protecting Your devotees;
And also let my works give strength of mind
To the depressed and disillusioned, Sankara!

The coolest mountain Kailasa is your dwelling
The Divine mother Haimavathi who cools our hearts is your Better-Half
Lord moon who showers us with cool rays
And Goddess Ganges who contains and flows cool waters,
Reside together on your head
You have looks that cool us
Take care of us pleasantly to cool our minds
And you are a pleasant God, Lord Sankara!

Doing physical exercises is necessary for the health of the body
Worshipping you, performing Holy-Baths to you, meditation on you
And chanting Siva Panchakshari always,
Are necessary for the health of mind, Lord Sankara!

Going through many books,
Writing many commentaries,
Giving many lectures,
Grasping many theories, philosophies and spiritual expositions
Are a waste, if we do not chant your Divine Name always, Lord Sankara!

Whether we are dolls made of wax
Amenable for the Fate to change our forms and shapes at its will;
Are born to experience the fruits of our good and bad deeds;
Are at the mercy of our nature, I do not know;
Please transform my mind as an instrument to always remember you,
You are an expert in taking care of your devotees, Lord Sankara!

Always chanting the Name of Rama
You would be ruling the worlds together with Goddess Parvathi;
Caring for and comforting the afflicted is Blissful Dance for you;
You are simple and plain Sankara
Showering your compassion on us incessantly;
I always worship you in my heart, Lord Sankara!

You filling our mind and heart is the essence of Advaita exposition
Our heart cheering chanting Siva Panchaakshari is your Grace
To describe this natural and beautiful relation between us
I am short of words, Lord Sankara!

We know that our body is the dwelling place for You
And also that we are one and the same with You
And that all the sentient and insentient beings are Your manifestations;
Still, our idea that You are present only in the temples and places of worship
Is the height of our forgetfulness, Lord Sankara!

We can not read a language without knowing the script
We can not know the hearts of the women without having intimacy with them
We can not understand the sciences without preliminary training in them
We can not know You without having devotion for you, Lord Sankara!

[1].Vasista, Vaamadeva and Gautama are initiators of Siva worship.

[2]. Adi Sankara is famous Advaita Vedantin who composed many devotional hymns too.

[3]. Naayanamaars are popular Siva devotees from Tamilnadu.

[4] Basaveswara is a famous Siva devotee, Saint-Philosopher and Social Reformer from Karnataka who lived around 12th century around whose teachings Veera Saivism has been flourishing.

[5]. Kalidasa is a famous Sanskrit poet and dramatist.

[6] Nannechoda, Paalkuriki Somana, Sreenatha and Dhoorjati are famous and popular Telugu Saivaite poets.

[7]. “Om Namassivaaya” is Siva Panchaakshari.

Comments about Monologue With Lord Sankara! -I by Varanasi Ramabrahmam

  • Ravi A (1/9/2010 4:20:00 AM)

    n life there is always two streams- the atheist and the non-atheist. We need not worry over this aspect. Sankaras will come and go but the world will continue to be like this. We need not have regrets. We must learn to grasp higher ideals for a peaceful living - this is what we need. We should know how to lead an honest life in this dishonest world. We certainly can do it and we will be actually listened. The first lines of the poem - let us not put the idea as useless and futile etc. Know for certain that everybody is in search of truth in his own manner. The way can be different. That is all. I agree with the idea that one must get beyond the limitations of language to know the heart of things but let us not put it as useless. As poets, we can have a soft approach. I agree with the theme of your poem. (Report) Reply

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