God Belongs To Whom? Poem by Varanasi Ramabrahmam

God Belongs To Whom?

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God belongs to whom?
To the fundamentalist, devotee, or to whom He belongs?
And belongs He only to the religion?
Religions hijacked by barbarians are
Causing civilized people confusion about religion;
Rituals are dominating, spirituality is missing;
Compassion and accommodation of dissidence disappeared;
Culture is defined and dictated by half-informed individuals;
Are religion and culture one and the same?
Is there any subtle difference leaving room to the individual’s interpretation?
Is religion just one aspect of sociology and social living among many?
Or an all encompassing and dominating social fabric
With no room or space for fresh weaving with new threads;
Are religions stagnated waters or flowing rivers;
Are they at dead end or are evolving?
Does at all God belong to religion?
Does not He have His own Existence,
Transcending limitations fixed by ignorant religious preachers and followers;
So many questions but no answer;
The Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent
Is understood confined to rituals and their performance;
It is sad that God is imprisoned in names, forms, slogans alone
And His presence every where and every moment
In the hearts of his Creation is forgotten;
God belongs to whom?
Belongs only to the religion, fundamentalist and such maniacs?
God only knows.

Sathyanarayana M V S 14 August 2009

Pertinent questions to the lot. A thought provoking work.........everyone should read this poem and start thinking. All religions tell the same thing. Only the so called religious people differ.........Wonderful poem Sir.

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Suchitra Suchi 14 August 2009

when people understand that god is withing us.. and that, god is omnipresent.. there will not be any strifes and discord.. a finely penned down poem..

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Inner Whispers 14 August 2009

God belongs to no one. We belong to him. We are only his creations that at one click of His finger, we will deminish. No one can claim that God belongs to them solely. Thanks for sharing this....

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Beth Bailey 16 September 2009

This is a universal poem. There is no doubt that religion divides people. I don't think that kind of structure is needed to love or be loved by God. I prefer my church of one member...me.

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Roshni D'Souza 16 August 2009

You have asked some important questions in this one. Thanks, roshni.

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Rajaram Ramachandran 16 August 2009

In Bhagawad Gita Krishna says that He is seated in every heart. Instead of searching for Him inside our heart, we are trying to find Him outside, like searching for ghee elsewhere, when butter is in our hands. a nice theme comes out of this poem.

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~*Nezra*~ Farrell 15 August 2009

God belongs to no one.But WE belong to him. Sad to say at times I believe people combine their social status and religon together. God job, I like this piece.

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Supriya Prathapan 15 August 2009

Awesome! 'Religions hijacked by barbarians are Causing civilized people confusion about religion; ' This the story of India. This poem should be read by all the extremist leaders in our country who are dividing Indians on the basis of religion. It is a pleasure reading your on our Independence Day. We are still not free from COMMUNALISM.10++

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Vegeswarapuram, India
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