Monsters Under The Bed Poem by David Darbyshire

Monsters Under The Bed

Rating: 2.8

As I lay, in my warm Bed
All the Monsters run through my Head
Gruesome, Mean, Horrible, Things
I wonder what this night Brings?

I dare not Look under my Bed
Close my eyes Tight Instead
Wishing they would all go Away
And never come back, in any Way

I still cannot Sleep
And I am dying to Peek
But this I really Dread
What could be under my Bed? ? ?

So I slowly leaned Over
With a Flashlight, Moreover
I shinned the light in the Dark Space
And my Dog was waggling his tail all over the Place

Gina Onyemaechi 31 January 2006

Humorous piece of children's verse. Regards.

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Not Long Left 31 January 2006

enjoyed This one Dave, it is something i am sure we have felt when we was children and maybe as adults! ! i wrote a poem very similar to this called 'night time Monsters' take a look and see what you think if you get the chance. all the best Vince

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Mary Ann Najjar 31 January 2006

nice, suspense and quite funny poem.

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Fluffy Unicorn123 18 February 2018

I love this poem so much- it's so good!

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Dawn Fuzan 15 May 2014

David I enjoyed every line, keep it up

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Dee Daffodil 25 April 2006

No David...there are no monsters under your bed...or in your closet...or in the hallway...or in the bathroom...but yes...I will leave the light on anyway! This was a wonderful poem for kids (with dogs...) . I enjoyed it a lot.

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Ernestine Northover 31 January 2006

This would make a lovely children poem David, with the monsters and a dog. Loved it. Love Ernestine XXX

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Zahraa Song 31 January 2006

Once again, a very funny poem! ! ! Zainab. you do humour best!

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