More And More Poem by Jamelia Lane

More And More

Rating: 5.0

More and more

More and more everyday I have a pain in my heart. It all happen just from a start. Of meeting someone now that I love dearly many people see this picture clearly./ that she is someone that I really love like a mom someone that I can really trust. More and more everyday I cry at the thought of not being able to speak or even take a peak at the one I love so and never ever let go.. The time seems to go so slow and still no show. I miss her she was like treasure as I child that I would always kept without it I never slept. If I slept without my treasure at night I wept to the stars high above whispering in the ears telling their ears for my treasure back not worrying about the sleep I would lack. I just wanted what made me feel special, wonderful. and beautiful. A treasure only I knew the directions to and where X marked the spot.. I had the map to my special treasure now my map is floating about. Knowing this I am always looking out.. For that day my map rolls by and I get to capture my treasure again in my arms that treasure that was always mine.. I love you ms Miranda..

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