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Mother Earth And Father Time Are Angry

Mother Earth and Father Time are walking hand in hand.
They're visiting their children and checking on their land.

They view the worlds destruction everywhere they turn.
They fear their precious children are never going to learn.

''This earth should be their playground with joys beyond belief
yet, all these children seem to know is senseless pain and grief.''

''How do we teach our children to care for such a place?

They may not get the message till we slap them in their face.''
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Herbert Nehrlich1 25 September 2005

Mary if you skip 'of' before rules it will sound better. Very true poem, well done. H

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Rickie Elpusan 25 September 2005

Yes, we children of the earth do have much to learn. Will we ever? Beautiful poem and great read. Thank you. Rickie

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Duncan Wyllie 21 March 2006

Well you've done it this time Mary, Mother Earth and Father time walking hand in hand.This to my mind is your greatest achievement as yet to date.Brilliant! Love Duncan

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Linda Tillinghast 15 December 2005

The frightening reality of what is happening in this country, lie in the words of this poem. I like it very much.

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Ernestine Northover 26 September 2005

I see kids now doing such damage to their enviroment, very sad, Litter all over the place, they couldn't walk two steps to a waste bin if they tried. I do wonder what schools teach them nowadays.It was drummed into us at school to respect people and things. Nice poem. Sincerely Ernestine.

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Uriah Hamilton 26 September 2005

And we have so little time to care for mother earth.

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Mary Nagy 25 September 2005

Thanks Herbert........that get left during my rough-drafts, it wasn't meant to be there. I missed it. Good eye! Sincerely, Mary

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