Mother Moon (Ghazal) Poem by Indira Renganathan

Mother Moon (Ghazal)

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Oh agelessly ageing moon, tell me who
And who're all in love with you my dear moon

Forgetting that you're quite old and too aged
How do people fall in love with you moon

Surprising you're so beautiful though aged
How do you manage, tell me my dear moon

Is it that you go on waning, waning
On a secret therapy my dear moon

Waning to vanish while you're in hideout
Who's your therapist, tell me my dear moon

What's that special touch your therapist does
To make you look full and grown bright dear moon

Whatever tricks you do who can deny
You're still an old, old and too grand old moon

So what if I call you my mother or
Grand mother or great grand mother dear moon

So what if my kids too call you granny
Or great granny oh my dear mother moon

Whatever anti-ageing tips yours be
For ever you're enchanting my dear moon

True the fact is true that you are too old
Yet looking pretty and juvenile moon

Juvenile though, much matured and mellowed
In truth oh my silvery pretty moon

Oh my silvery pretty moon you are
For ever matured and mellowed young moon

I love you my mother moon, we all love
You our great grand silvery mother moon

Accept our love glowing this way ever
For ever glowing this way our dear moon

M Asim Nehal 23 April 2021

A heart touching ghazal. I quote'Oh my silvery pretty moon you are For ever matured and mellowed young moon'

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Rajnish Manga 22 April 2021

Excellent topic and its equally absorbing treatment in ghazal form. Thanks.

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