Murder, In The First Degree Poem by Tony Avila Sampson

Murder, In The First Degree

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He went to a public library that's quiet and free;
Arrested, he was, for murder, in the first degree;

Inside the library, there was a book to find,
Slowly he approached his victim, an ol' woman who's kind;

Close to her backside, he stood lurking behind,
Little ol' granny was reading and paid him no mind;

Yep, the aroma in the air was coming from her hair,
Caused his nose to quickly twitch, bulge, then flair;

The quick use of his weapon caused her to drop dead on the spot,
It was the eyeball witness who saw, that's how he got caught;

Now the jury must see the weapon that t'was horribly used,
But the killer tried to hide his nose and loudly refused;

Cause of her death came from his loud sharp sneeze,
Made her heart quickly stop, quiver, and seize;

So his hands were shackled, the murder weapon viewed,
The jury gasped loudly for air, outraged was their mood;

Soon after his shnozzle was clearly depicted,
The jury was unanimous, ... they quickly convicted.

Jayatissa K. Liyanage 18 January 2015

Curiosity ran through the spinal cord. Ah... finally mind settled down. What a murderous sneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez it could have been. Enjoyed!

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Kim Barney 08 January 2015

Very unusual poem, and highly unusual murder weapon! Well done.

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Tony Avila Sampson

Tony Avila Sampson

County of Marin, California, USA
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