Isolated In Time Poem by Tony Avila Sampson

Isolated In Time

Rating: 4.9

No rhythm, no rhyme,
death, sets you apart,
isolated in time,
when it's time to depart;

Darkest of all dark,
when life's abated,
why's death a question-mark?
Your flesh, isolated;

When the black hole's near,
and it pulls you in,
feel the dark cold fear,
you're on a downward spin,

and you can't get out,
in time, frozen be,
trust your prays, have no doubt,
and set your spirit free.

Bernard F. Asuncion 14 January 2017

Well-written, Tony++++++++ congrats on being selected for the day+++++++++

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Edward Kofi Louis 14 January 2017

You can't get out. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Tom Allport 14 January 2017

we have to live first in order to die the only question is why?

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Tatiana Berdennikova 14 January 2017

Tony, it's a well worded poem leaving the reader in suspense.

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Christina Simmons 14 January 2017

I actually had to listen to this as well as reading it, only then I got the drift of it. An optimistic poem. Well written. Congratulation! ! !

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Terry Craddock 14 January 2017

'No rhythm, no rhyme, death, sets you apart, isolated in time, ' the first three lines of this poem are quite profound to meditate upon, before the separation of 'when it's time to depart; ' with the finality of no choice developed in the pathos of the final lines.

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M Asim Nehal 14 January 2017

In perfect rhythem, thanks for sharing.

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Clarence Prince 14 January 2017

Well said, Trust your prayers, have no doubt!

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Ratnakar Mandlik 14 January 2017

Setting the spirit free and attaining salvation. A profound conceptualization. Congrats on the member poem of the Day.

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 14 January 2017

Poem realistically depicting the mental status and thinking of a person getting closer to the final destiny. Well crafted. Congrats for being the member's PoD.

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Tony Avila Sampson

Tony Avila Sampson

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