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Was TIME born with all the sky?
Can TIME suffer and also die?
Is TIME flat? Or is TIME round?
Where is TIME? Can TIME be found?

Feel captivities firm grip smother out the fun,
The stretch of its reach felt with each pass of the sun;

Metal doors slam shut, rumbling their echos down the hall,

He went to a public library that's quiet and free;
Arrested, he was, for murder, in the first degree;

Inside the library, there was a book to find,

No rhythm, no rhyme,
death, sets you apart,
isolated in time,
when it's time to depart;

To slip on the pavement is a far better pain,
Than the tongue that slips, its trouble to gain;

A sweltering tongue comes full of much scorn,

You have made me so very fierce,
So your car tires, I now will pierce;

To find you car then, yes I must

When I bent and reached there down,

The tire made a hissing sound;

Movement of matter, with time find name,
However it may be there must also be flame;

Casting out matter becoming planets in tow,

Poppa Zetire will search late at night,
To find your four tires, he'll be very quite;

Moving about while lookin' very slow,

Me, you inspire,
With a slashing desire,
I'll make your car sit less higher,

Wyatt B. Flat is truly my name,
And punishment awaits those who I blame;

With a long knife that I swiftly swing,

Woe-be-goneness, come about,
Little girls’ face soon to pout;
Bats go whoosh through the air,
Flying low to steal some hair;

Silly laughter from
an old hag,
shuffling fingers
in an old bag;

Parked at the curb,
The Petaluma Police could not observe,
The car their sarge had parked;

Oh, Heavenly Father,
Thy Name be Hallowed;
There at my birth,
my brother soon followed;

You are the one that I'll pay back,
Be forewarned, I'll soon attack!
Be your car tires that I come to hack,
I'll make air flow with every whack;

Here lies three Howard's, all planted in a row,
And soon we'll add a Floyd, I want ya'll to know;

They're either fat or thin and some are in between,

Oh, Heavenly Father, I request,
That an unseen burden be put to rest;

Its unrest, would you heal?

first verse
I traveled to the moon
to ride a space balloon
I sing a brand new tune

There is a person you'd like to curse,
so a voodoo doll, then make first;
Upon that doll you must cast a spell,
as you summon the wicked deep in hell;

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Was TIME born with all the sky?
Can TIME suffer and also die?
Is TIME flat? Or is TIME round?
Where is TIME? Can TIME be found?
Is TIME there with each beat of the heart?
Was TIME there from the very start?
Must TIME go to that being made?
Does TIME show by that being fade?
Can TIME give and also take?
Must TIME be for that to make?
Is TIME real? How is TIME there?
Can TIME be found in a breath of air?
Does the portal of TIME drape the eye as it blinks?
Can TIME be more stranger than a brain that thinks?
Does TIME provide a way dimensions are spaced?
Are all creatures of TIME somehow inwardly paced?
Is all manner of TIME with all matter that be?
Does TIME flow endlessly?
How does the future with TIME flow past?
Does TIME move slow? Can TIME move fast?
Does TIME have a speed limit we call 'now'?
Is something 'like' gravity pulling TIME? How?
Is TIME bound? Or is TIME free?
Is TIME that what is meant to be?

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Tony A Sampson 29 December 2019

When you stub your toe You just caught your woe Sing loudly timed in a hop along flow...

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Samra Haq 27 February 2012

Please see my poems.

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Katie Parker 02 July 2011

I Love the flow of your poetry, magnifisent! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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'Life is one big head trip'

'A tree is known by the kind of fruit it bears; a man by the kind of his deeds. A forest is known by its trees and location; a community, organization, or entity by its location and deeds. Know the deeds; Behold the kind at that location. Without the use of a disguise, that kind may be recognized elsewhere. Does it look Eyptian? Where is it Oriental? How is it African? What makes it Arabian? Can it be Russian? But mixed, it may be American.' Tony Avila Sampson

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Tony Avila Sampson Popularity

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