~ Death Of Innocence~ Poem by Theodora (Theo) Onken

~ Death Of Innocence~

Rating: 4.6

It seems like Light Years ago
That sweet innocence
Like a flower in the bud
Growing in new existance

Fresh and un-flawed
Beauty and angelic substance
In the Garden unmarred
Basking in the sun with no resistance

Where oh where did i go?
It all happened so fast
One day i was pure growing tall
The next-plucked way to fast

Put in a vase amongst other flowers
Of equal or very close age
Devoured by eyes of the lusty Gardners
My innocence turned into rage

A day passed-perhaps two
Time was really irrevelant to me
Every day was the same for us all
Fresh water-and slow death agony

I felt it come upon me
Like the goodness was draining me dry
Loosing all of my substance
Bending over i knew i would die

Ragged and wilted i fought
As the others alongside of me
But resistance proved to be no assistance
The day the innocence in me was set free

And into the trash we all landed
Despairing our very last breath
My petals no longer like velvet
But a dried mixture of long fought floral death!

Sandra Fowler 15 April 2007

Regret for what once was and can never quite be again. Excellent use of metaphor, Theodora. Kindest regards, Sandra

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Ritika George 22 October 2018

I loved this piece of yours ma'am and i really invite you to read mine as i would like to learn more from you. thank you. regards, Ritika

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Theodora Onken 07 September 2007

Why thank you Ben, and Ana, and i am sorry Ana, that i amjust now reviewing my stuff. All of the comments are so greatly appreciated. Blessings, Theo

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Ben Gieske 07 September 2007

Amazing how you carry the comparison throughout all the phases even after the flower is picked and until it is thrown into the trash. Wonderful insights.

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Ana-kay Rhoden 02 May 2007

Amazing! I could picture exactly what you meant. Love it! ! !

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Michael Fischer 01 May 2007

Great work...I like the analogy as a flower...very clever! Top marks! -Michael

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