Must I Follow You Again? Poem by Thomas Duncky

Must I Follow You Again?

I followed you before
And you led me to a pathetic fall
I even worshiped you. My God!
I was your disciple and you my demigod

I followed you and you led me into the dark
I followed still, blindly to hell and back
I was the fool when you made your jokes
You was the cool one while i stunk like dirty socks

You were there when i fell
The only one who lived to tell
Any man that has an ear to hear
The story of the fall of a man without fear

Like a faithful zealot i never questioned you
I always held your words to be pure and true
But who would have known?
Nobody does until the true colours are brightly shown

Now here you come again, beckoning me once more
To places where i had nearly lost my soul before
Therefore i ask; must i follow you again
And bear the sufferance of some more unendurable pain?

Monday, March 10, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Renee Sinclair 22 March 2014

Very Well written and expressive, Really like and can relate, thanks for sharing,

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