My Black President Poem by Frank Bana

My Black President

Rating: 3.5

Act One

In the footprints of Mandela
On the ladders of the King
He comes and from some sides hosannas ring

Untinged by darker powers
Unhinged by fate and fame
He brings to us the light of hope again

Construct your own Obama
Create your daytime drama
Make our world a bit safer and calmer

He overcame the odds
Not fathered sometimes mothered
He had the courage to campaign while colored

And now may he complete
All he will represent
Our brave and beautiful Black President.

Act Two

Eat your mortage bills
Eat your plastic card
Eat the things for which you work so hard

Eat your pistol's prey
Eat your hunting gun
Eat the things that really bring you fun

Eat your own McCain
He was tortured for your pain
He'll make the world safe for Empire again

He'll keep the empty stares
On all your dollars white
And have you dying for new wars to fight.


The world evolves much faster
The strength drains from your hands
No longer master of your sacred plans

It's simpler to embrace
The lies, forces of hate
Much easier to tear down than create

And when you vote your fears
Dreams fall behind Reality
About a hundred years

So see you maybe then
Back in the dreams you sent
My brave and beautiful Black President.

Anita Atina 14 October 2008

I'm not impressed with Obama or McCain. What impresses me about this poem is that it has a kernel of truth that I accept as useful life learning: It's simpler to embrace The lies, forces of hate Much easier to tear down than create Well done Frank.

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Michael Pruchnicki 14 October 2008

A fine piece of political nonsense! A rant calculated to amuse the fellow travellers of the Messiah, Frank! I don't know whether one could classify this drivel as a 'non-satirical political poem, ' but it sure isn't 'absolutely ace' in my view. If your fans had done their homework on this very dangerous demagogue, they might not be so ecstatic at the prospect of an Obama administration!

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John Thorkild Ellison 14 October 2008

Absolutely ace! ! ! Well done, Frank! !

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Velvet Thorn 14 October 2008

This is a very good poem. I wanted to let you know, because I think a lot of people might be uncomfortable commenting on a poem with political content. You did an excellent job of writing a non-satirical political poem.

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