My Boo Thang Poem by Angelique' Rockwell

My Boo Thang

Rating: 4.5

My boy has again stolen my heart
How did I let this occur?
I'm just asking for trouble
The whirlwind then becomes a blur

His smile brightens the room
He gives me chills with just a glance
His voice brings back memories
Of soft, sweet kisses, and romance

The way we touch when we're alone
The wanting and needing unleashed at last
Desire floods through and there are no words
Memories flash by of our nights together past

Too many people would hurt
If we were to come out and about
So for now he's my secret boo thang
I hope he never has any doubt

I would go through it for him
Just to finally show him l care
Secret loving gets old after a bit
Of this I'm fully aware

Enough people know or assume
But for now it's being kept on the low
Giving my babe the time to live and grow
As always I go with the flow

I don't know if there's a future
He treats me better than any in my past
No matter what happens
Loving him has been a blast!


Friday, October 17, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Khairul Ahsan 02 April 2020

'He gives me chills with just a glance' - a crush of sorts? 'Loving him has been a blast! ' - Carry on then! The poem says, you were true to your feelings!

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