My Cemetery Days Poem by buried alive

My Cemetery Days

Rating: 5.0

In an old cemetery by the sea,
I buried my father
then they buried me

Here he lies
here we lay,

dead together,
in the cemetery.

no one cares,
no one comes,
no one visits,
no one knows.
A special place
reserved for me,
so here I am
in the cemetery

windswept waves
of rolling grass
beneath the clouds
by a sea of glass,
here I ly,
and here I'l lay
for all the rest
of my cemetery days

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: death,eternity
Laurie Van Der Hart 19 April 2017

I like this poem, despite it's morbidity. It has a peaceful loneliness about it. I love the lines windswept waves/ of rolling grass/ beneath the clouds/ by a sea of glass. Can really picture it.

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K J 05 June 2011

You think you will die lonely and forgotten. Well it is better than false people visiting your grave just for the heck of it, just to show to people that they cared about you. Better lie still in your grave without those false emotions affecting you. Better to die lonely and forgotten, atleast you will not be remebered by any, atleast you will not trouble anybody else even after your death.

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