My Companion, My Soulmate Poem by Kavya .

My Companion, My Soulmate

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I come to you
When I need a break,
You come to my rescue
When my day is at stake!

You give me company
In times of need,
With you I am never lonely
But always complete.

You cry when I am sad
You smile with me,
All the happy and sorrow times
I always share with thee.

I take your help
To lessen my worry,
All the emotions
In you I bury.

You are none other than my 'POEMS'
Which I start scribbling any time,
And post it in 'POEM HUNTER' site
That makes my heavy heart light!

Patricia Grantham 22 May 2013

A lovely poem, A soulmate that sticks by you through thick and thin. I enjoyed it.

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Valsa George 22 May 2013

Beautiful! Yes, we find solace and joy when we unleash our pent up feelings through our poems! ! Enjoyed much! !

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Allotey Abossey 21 June 2015

Your poems are sweet and can really keep one company.. God bless you

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Heather Wilkins 17 July 2013

a beautiful poem addressing your soul mate. enjoyed the read

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Elena Sandu 09 July 2013

True poem, I loved it, thank you for share! Yes! There is no better companion than a pen. It can be honest, loving, funny, even ironic at times and what is best, always obliged!

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Payal Parande 25 May 2013

Wonderful...the words flow so beautifully....bravo mam

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Chandra Thiagarajan 23 May 2013

Excellent Kavya! Poems are our SOULMATE and COMPANION! Yes. PH is a lovely site which makes our heavy heart light! KUDOS!

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