Nithya Balachandran

My Digital India! - Poem by Nithya Balachandran

I live in Digital India
where many have no food
to eat, even once a day!
And farmers, the pillars of my country
are commiting suicide due to debt!

Free thinkers are shot dead
by religious fanatics here
But, we have the Freedom of speech,
so says our constitution! !

Goverment here decides
what we should eat and what not
Dalit women get stripped
and are beaten in streets,
And their children are burnt alive!

Casteism still hisses like a snake
in many parts of my country
Many a communal organisations
spreads terror and hatred here
But they will be never banned
though 'Ban' is the new trend in my country!

A woman is raped
every thirty minutes here!
Lakhs of girl child get killed in
mother's womb, without any mercy
Posting selfies with daughters
in social media, is the best solution for this!
so says our leader, the selfie man.

To be born as a cow is more a bliss
than being born a woman here! !

Sponsored journalism is what
we see these days!
Medias are making as fools
And our cries go unheard
Sadly, we people, are just spectators!

Murderers, criminals, women
harassers are made candidates
by political parties here
And we, dumb voters elect them
again and again! !

Politicians, they make us fight with
each other in the name of religion,
for their dirty political motives
Their eyes are only on vote banks
And fame, position and
money are their only goals

Least are they bothered about
the welfare of my nation or my people!
But still we build temples for them
such stupid morons are we!

Tribal people in my nation
live miserable lives,
And are exploited and looted.
With money, power and position
anything is possible here
Rich grow richer here by each day
and poor become poorer

Corruption is not something new here
Many times we have to bribe the
government employees to get our things done
which is otherwise their duty

Dowry, a stigma still
exsist in our society!
Having a girl child is treated
as curse in many parts of my country!

Inflation have made our lives more terrible
Common man struggles here to make
both ends meet!
Hospitals are emptying our pockets
Poor die here as they have no
money to meet the medical expenses

Education and spirituality
are big business here
And God women and god men
exploit my people!

In my country, when a man dies
on a street, no one cares
but strangely many are here to lament
over the death of an animal! !

We pay taxes and our leaders lead
a life of luxury here
My country is a hell for the poor!
So, what? ?
Still my India is Digital india! !

Topic(s) of this poem: corruption, cow

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I feel sad obout the present state of my country, India.

Comments about My Digital India! by Nithya Balachandran

  • Ramesh T A (1/24/2017 1:01:00 PM)

    These are happening due to right persons are placed in wrong places and wrong persons are placed in top places! Developments of trade and industries at the expense of agricultural and fishing industries developments, Indian economy has to go a long way to make real progress possible! Just selfie and swiping can't develop economy! Villages should be developed with water facilities, electricity, roads and agro-industries to solve unemployment problem for making all rich and development strong and number one in the world! (Report) Reply

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  • Fabrizio Frosini (11/8/2015 8:00:00 AM)

    can feel the pain in your words.. the same pain which fills the whole of your poem.. I can feel it because it is the same pain ''people with a conscience'' feel everywhere on planet Earth..
    You say in your note, ''I feel sad about the present state of my country, India.'' - but all the world is the same: the rich become every minute richer, and the poor poorer.. The worst people take the power, also in so-called 'democratic' countries.. and India is the ''largest democracy'' in the world.. There are exceptions, of course, but ''exception'' is not the ordinary way the world goes along with..
    And the worst thing of all is that we're loosing HOPE.. In the past (namely, when I was young) we were used to think that 'progress' would bring a better life for everybody.. But it doesn't work that way, because GREED is the dominant player inside mankind.. thus we see the 'great divide' between the rich and the poor growing more and more, day by day.. and hatred grows, too..
    Thanks for sharing, Nithya
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