My Grandchildren Poem by Jim Yerman

My Grandchildren


My Father's Day present from my daughter each year since our first grandchild was born has been a 'T' shirt with my grandchildren's picture on the front…which I happily have worn.

Three more grandchildren have been added since that first 'T' shirt 25 years ago which means each Father's Day I am a walking reminder of how fast grandchildren grow.

My own grandparents died when I was too young to remember them…one of Fate's unexplainable twists……and having never known them…I never knew all the things that I missed.

What traditions would they have passed on to me if they had been there to watch me grow?
What wisdom would they have imparted? …Unfortunately I'll never know.

But having been lucky enough to be a part of my grandchildren's participate, to be alive…to see…the truth is… I'm not sure who's benefitted more…my grandchildren…or me.

I've learned to enjoy this roller coaster of life…the highs and lows through all the emotions I have felt…
I've learned how a look, a smile or the touch of a tiny hand can cause one's heart to melt.

I've learned how to listen when they show me their magic tricks, tell me their jokes and stories…no matter how long or exotic or benign.
I've learned to ignore their groans and the roll of their eyes when the magic, and the jokes, and the stories they're listening to…are mine.

I've learned not to worry if I flail when I dance or if my singing is totally off key.
because my grandchildren don't care…they just want to sing and dance with me.

When I think of all the things my grandchildren have taught me…
all the things about myself they've helped me see…
When I think of all I've learned from them…
I only hope they've learned as much from me…

And although I never knew them…that is not a path my Destiny allowed
when they see me wearing my Father's Day 'T' shirt each year…
I like to think…my grandparents would be proud.

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