Niagara Falls Poem by Ella Rose

Niagara Falls

I've seen pictures but never the authentic beauty,
for one can never explain such flowing cascades,
Niagara Falls has stolen my sadness while broody,
what a marvel mother nature has made.

Wonder one of the seven seen within earth's creations

Above Lake Erie bordering Canada while cascading

Torrents of Niagara Falls impermeable from hydration

Exquisite attraction in America, I watch the cataracts fading

Rain and snow activate the collecting of precipitation

Falls of water chute down strong, my essence serenading

All the spectacles have exceeded my curious expectations

Lingering tourists are enthralled, streams can be persuading

Latitude of distance the water enforces without explanation

Watching the strong current energize while it invigorates,
I wonder what the crystallization would look like if the falls could solidify.
I can't imagine seeing a single glimpse as the frosty snow saturates.
In wintry weather the streams don't freeze; requisite while the falls mystify.

Niagara Falls
Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: nature love
This poem is written for one of the seven wonders of the world. It is a quatrain followed by an acrostic then another quatrain. I labeled it as a 'verse' form.
Me Poet Yeps Poet 29 June 2016

I live by Niagara Falls In day dreams and night water falls seeing is believing can you ever imagine a tonne of water falling every moment the Queen of mist is now approaching my ship the rain from Niagara falls has to be trapped in plastics blue coats only just for fun maybe Niagara is calling wait I am coming Niagara my LOVE

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Wes Vogler 21 April 2016

I tried an acrostic limerick It's tougher when you go inside each line and this site crowds to the left when printing. I shall try to remember where it is. Maybe somebody else will remember (not my forte) Come to think of it there are more than one.

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Ella Rose 19 April 2016

This is a quatrain followed by an acrostic followed by another quatrain.

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