**** My Heaven Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

**** My Heaven

Rating: 4.1

Young and tender – like a green coconut with sweet juices
Soft skin – as soft as an infant
Red blushes face – as red as the ‘Red Sun’
Sweet voice – like a hungry Dolphin echo
Firm and hard breasts – as ripe as water melons
Body contour – like an acoustic guitar
Crispy butt – as crispy as honeyed meat loaf
Mouth watering in between – as delicious as tropical seafood
Flawless silken hair – like a Stallion tail
Teasing nose – like the Swiss Alps skiing steep
Hungry like a wolf eyes – as deep as the Pacific cliff
Rose petals ears – as wide as water lily
Heart vibrating legs – as lengthy as the Chinese Bamboos
Flat masculine stomach – like a trampoline
Sweet and sour armpits – like the killing senses that freeze
Snow-white teeth – like the sparkling stars
Venomous tongue – as deadly as Cobra
Raspberry voluptuous lips – as sweet as the Berry fruits
Crystal shine nails – like a full moon
Steamy long fingers – like the steamy eyes of Delilah

I want every inch of you baby,
don’t want to waste even an ounce.
When the moon starts to light up the darkened skies,
that’s the time when my sanity becomes wild,
as wild as the rough Yangtze River,
but I would survive the rough waters
just to be at your feet,
to kiss you from toes to head.
Every second of my life is attached to your soul,
galvanizing the strings of our love,
sewn to the hearts.
My drying tears of joy would be refilled
by your droplets of honey dew,
produced by your loving glands.
How we would caress lips to lips
exchanging our saliva,
thus weld the passionate line of amalgamated souls.
Love surrounds us
like a full blown rhythm of the heart beat,
engrossed with lyrical flow of fragrance blood.
Even your fart would smell chocolate to me.
To see your smiling face full of craving delicacies
would make my composed song hit the billboard chart
and remain on top permanently.
Baby, don’t falsify your words of ‘I do’
cuz it will backfire
and would place us
in the precinct of disaster.
Please, hug me now,
hold me tight till our bodies
heat up and melt and become a honey bar.
Darling, you’re the only Heaven,
I would long for.

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 28 December 2008

The extract from Zoheir Dehgan's comment: From: Zoheir Dehgan (dohe Iran (Islamic Republic of): Male; 26) To: Sulaiman Mohd Yusof Date Time: 12/28/2008 3: 59: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: Re: My Heaven hi and happy new year i'd like your poem and that's is very nice best regards zoheir

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Maxislam Beauty 28 December 2008

This is a great poem with alot of Artful skills and authenticity to Human Excellence. Merry -Christmas Sulaiman.

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 28 December 2008

What about her faecal matter What about her urine What about her cough.................. The skin doesn't, always remain tight neither complexion always remain bright nor teeth always remain sparkling white……. The time must come when love should transcend outward beauty, because the beauty is too temporal and shaky base and you cannot built a temple of love on that ephemeral base.............. Any way Good write.................

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XXxxKimberleyxxXX .. 28 December 2008

great work :) keep up the good work 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Amy Douglass (Fifita) 28 December 2008

Awesome poem. I like it.

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Expiallidocious 22 December 2019

Nice, hilarious reminds me of our dear manager mr. Howler.....a bird and two in the bushes!

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Very sensuous and steamy poem.a ten.

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Ek Ladki S______ 06 February 2009

Some would see this as a good poem i however am sorry to say i disliked it. This was because it seemed to me as though all you were thnking about was her appearance and i think love is more then skin deep. And although the simlies were quiet good, the bit about her fart kind of ruined it.(No Offence- Just my opinion sorry) Think about it, if you got her as your heaven yes at first you would be happy but if she had a horrible personality your joy would be short lived, i would advise you to add a bit about what you want her personality, nature and values to be like. Kind Regards Sonia x

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Charli Pinkney 27 January 2009

This is good but I think it seems a bit sexist. No offence but I think if I was the person you wrote about I would be offended that you posted this on the web. However, I think that it is an amazing poem :) well done :)

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Meer Mushfique Mahmood 20 January 2009

This is a nice poem but, to me, these are not all what I think to get from a heaven.

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