*** Love You Tender *** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

*** Love You Tender ***

Rating: 3.9

Miles away…your voices drifting
Far away…your crying milling
Apocalypse now…or never
The night is still freezing
Without you sleeping…
With me…craving

Tell me to my eyes
I’ll pay for the price
Should I come over?
To live with you my lover
We tie the knot
We fill the slot
Promises are here to stay
Every second I’d pray
Between two points
We toss the coin
Head or tail
Anything will prevail
You steal my heart
Impossible to depart
I want you so bad
Thinking of you like mad
I bow to your request
To serve you at best
It’s a kind of magic
Your love is majestic
Sweet heavenly juices
You produce from luscious
I drink it all
Out of night brawl
Please return me the favor
Be my wife forever

Naidz Ladia 13 December 2008

i think, ths is the 10th x i read ths poem..very romantc, very nice, , , i felt ur sweetness in ths poem hon.. very very niccccccceeeeee..i reli like ths 1..

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Alia Suhanna 15 December 2008

What a beautiful poetry! So far, this is one of the best love poem I've ever read. Its a classic! ! You're a happenin poet.I believe many women would fall for you after reading this piece. Love Alia.

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Renae Herron 15 December 2008

THIS POEM IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! ! .. i truly lovvve it.It has the perfect words to go to it.This has got to be 1 of the best poems ive read on this site.KEEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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Alexandra Gray 16 December 2008

Aww..this is very sweet, how lucky that girl must be.

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Sean Hurrell 16 December 2008

i love this poem it makes you think that you are the preson within the poem

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Souren Mondal 12 November 2015

A very nice, romantic poem.. Thanks..

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a loving tender poem, , passionated feelings

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Dead Poettess 27 April 2009

very influencial verse....keep it up..

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Dolan Doran 06 March 2009

nice peice...very good. the last line is..a little off, but it's a cool poem. well wrote.

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Chevelle Reid 22 January 2009

I Sulaiman i think that this poem is very lovely one, on the one to ten chart i would give you ten plus 10+ for such outstanding work you should post more poem to me i think your poems have me at your footsteps. Love Chevelle

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