*** When We Fall Apart *** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

*** When We Fall Apart ***

Rating: 3.9

Krakatoa roars lava flows
Natives scattered to death
Grasses no longer need a mow
Leaving no lives and wealth

I’d float like a feather
Falls into your abyss of devotion,
Drowns in your pond of murmur
Plunging in slow motion

Like Krakatoa, you expel your lethal blow
Shattering me into million pieces
But I'd stand right to the core
Of your devil’s glimpses

Your snowy little heart
As cool as your talk
No matter how no matter what
I’d come to you and do the walk

Please don’t leave me
If I ever hurt you
Shall I beg for mercy?
As my love isn’t true

One day when you find me stranded
Heading to the road of insanity
Straying to nowhere and unwanted
That’s the day love has gone awry

My heart turns blue unlike the roses
Bright red as our once passion
Why the halts and pauses
No more intense and seduction

Our love poem is reminder
Catastrophe of human tragedy
My blood bleeds like water
A sign of your cruelty

Marriage no longer exists
Those were the dreams
Your sweet sticky kiss
As good as it seems

When I go down to the soil
I’d carry your heart with me
Treasure our romance and brawl
From then to eternity

Monkey Mendez 03 September 2008

Awww, From the explosion of love to breaking a heart. Sad, but sweet. Excellent work!

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Jun Jie 04 September 2008

So sad, the deeper you love the stronger the pain when you don't get love back. Your poem is beautifully written. Thumbs up! Keep up your good work! JYJY

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Clinton Macdonald 08 September 2008

This poem flows together beautifully. Something every poet strives for. An absolutely wonderful read!

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Hopeu Likadapoem 09 September 2008

Very deep and moving...

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June Smithster 11 September 2008

eye have developed a stYle of eye eye write like eye am speaking to mye heart and you have written this one almost the same way keep it up sahib

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Okkar Pku 15 June 2009

Hi I could feel something from your poem.But I don't know definitely, something limitless, ineffable...

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Madison Yeater 01 January 2009

really good piece.... dreams dont always come true for everyone... but its what you can hold on to, its what you have, what you have gained that matters. 10+

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Naidz Ladia 13 December 2008

it ends with tears...maybe, u wrote ths one when ur still depressed thats why, every lines of the poems are realstic..whew....mmmmm mmmmm mm m mmmmmm mm mmmmmmmm mmmmm mm..means THIS IS REALLY GREAT HON..

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Naru Kaede 14 November 2008

Wowwwww... I just remember the song, 'Ocean apart, day after day...' You describe it so clear, love it's always complicated, , , Ohohoho, don't give up, apart by ocean or land is not a measure (?) of our faith... The Great One! ! Naru Kaede, ,

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Fading Heart 12 November 2008

I love titles that catch my eye and this was an eye catcher for sure for me :) loving it.

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