**** Roses For Rosanne Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

**** Roses For Rosanne

Rating: 4.6

Dust in the winds
Shadows walking leaving trails
Eyes cocking navigate scents meddle the streets
Nightingale scans the sounds of thousands voices
Breaking the night camaraderie
Little birds of Hudson Bay
Whistling the songs of Hoboken array
Holland tunnel a lifeline… splendid to many
Manhattan Upper embraces Manhattan Lower
Epic proportion in sync with memories
Jersey carats of gold got you in me
The Albanian smiths….
Once said “crafted out of crisp”
I kept your smiles at Camden Waterfront
Let it flow like Delaware River……entwined
Your touch as lush as Pinelands
Casting me away to Atlantic blue
Song from ‘The Boss’ reminds me of you
Jersey girl caught me red handed
Rosanne in my heart you stay naked
Our footprints on Cape May a landmark
You stand tall like Statue of Liberty whenever I embark
From Sandy Hook to Long Beach we walk….
With kisses sealed along the places we flock
The Jazzmen of Uncle Patti’s pub fills our souls…
With ‘all that Jazz’ magic……unfolds
Rosanne baby………seagull of Monmouth
I pluck the Roses…
As red as your blushes
Devout me to crushes
Time Square ceases ticking the clock
When the Roses pale as White Rock
Trembled into neon pieces…..
Injured with stitches

I Amadi 27 November 2008

really enjoy singing these words. feel like breathe is skipping. admire your sensitive command of language. even more so, admire your confidence to share it with us all. very nice slaiman :)

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John Weber 25 November 2008

This flows extremely well, Sulaiman, while engaging the reader with playful and contemplative snapshots of life and your journey. Well done, good sir! There's something here that pretty much anybody out there can relate to. Warm regards, John.

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Ema Nekaf 23 November 2008

Your big on romantics are not you?

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Li Away 22 November 2008

i like this piece you keep Rossanne a diary it's gracious

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Maxim Muyu 22 November 2008

This is real Beauty of poetry and very mature indeed, more real than I can imagine.

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Sherif Monem 25 May 2009

Very, very nice poem rich in meanings.

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Carol Rhodes 08 February 2009

Whew! Have to catch my breath...Sulaiman, such love, such imagery, such a magnificently powerful descriptive journey of experiences shared, places that came alive as you bonded and let your love become true and real. Roseanne, the princess of your life, the flower of choice, is the Queen of Hearts. You are the Man of Hearts, my dear, and we all want everything beautiful to be yours. Carol

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Madison Yeater 26 December 2008

you still love roseanne..go for here! run! you dont need me.... i still love you, but you need to go where your heart follows. i can feel ur love for her in this nicely written poem...

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Sebastine Humaemo 12 December 2008

finely penned dude.....can feel the love n care in your words..................

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CRACK HEAD 29 November 2008

That was very beautiful. I will be reading a lot more of your poems. Could you read some of mine.

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