* Send Me A Love * Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

* Send Me A Love *

Rating: 4.6

The sound of running water
galvanizes the wound I endure
Since we met
No remedy could heal my injury
The key to my vital health
Is with you
Unlock my bereavement
With your little smile

Intrinsically, I secure
Intransigently, I adore
That sweet little smile
Am I an impudent?

My mind is implacable
My words could be heretical

Your sweet little smile
A mamba
How to revive me?

Send me a love
Inundate my conundrum
a biorhythm

I’m falling into a hosanna
Send me a love
Incinerate my Draconian concatenation
Canalize the river of longing
Your sweet little smile
Astounds my lurid heart

Send me a love

Rafique Farooqi 06 August 2009

it is a top job Suiliman.. well done

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Appleblossoms 2009 07 August 2009

I just read this again...and feel very uncomfortable about the word 'manure'....is there anything you could do to revise this line? Rgds,

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Wow! Excellent style and carefully chosen words make this selection of words memorable. you'll be remembered through your writing one day when you're gone, something I wish for myself one day.

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Rachel Butler 20 September 2009

Intrinsically, I secure Intransigently, I adore Rachel Ann Butler

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Makeda Browne 10 July 2009

OMG! That was so sweet and romantic!

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Emma Adamyan 29 November 2009

it can show an anguish that in ur heart lives... so sad poem. well written,10

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Rachel Butler 10 October 2009

Intransigently, I adore Rachel Ann Butler

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Nooruddeen Mm 08 October 2009

Excellent selections of the words Good work too. Tks Rgds Nooruddeen

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Agnes Parker 02 October 2009

I get the feeling that your love is, as yet, unrequited. Oh - to have a muse - how it hurts, how it makes us pour forth our very souls.

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Tamara Hanaring A Thought Mate 24 September 2009

a wonderful passionated write, with a mysterious beautiful feeling.. I just do love your unique verses Suliman, , , , , , , , , , , ,

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