My Hope Is Alive Poem by Abekah Emmanuel

My Hope Is Alive

Rating: 4.8

Years often come in excitement, in chilled mid-nights
Colored with beautiful dreams and blooming hope,
Like a newly born baby, it brings joy to those present
And reminds them of their beginnings some years ago:
As human beings, in their ignorance, lose their lives,
So do years, too soon, fade away in defenseless mid-nights
That reminds one of joyful but unfulfilled dreams.
Whenever a new year is born, it brings a mixture
Of endless sorrow and excitement to my life,
Those friends, relatives, colleagues and strangers
Whom I had lived with, some time ago in the past,
But whose lives, though worth living, did not long last.
My own dreams and ambitions, which time buried,
My friends' friends, who also became my friends
But I never had the opportunity to meet
Till they lived happily and passed away with time.
But in spite of all these, I have a reason to smile
For I was neither disappointed nor abandoned,
Since it is better to live and witness the death
Of one's dreams than to die achieving them.
Now I am alive, I am still dreaming, life moves on
And this alone gives me hope for a bright future
That is soaked in long life and endless prosperity.

Thursday, January 15, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: new year
Valsa George 19 January 2015

Every New Year is born in midnight and we welcome it as we welcome the arrival of a new baby! Many may not be able to witness a new year! We are grieved to think that some of the good people whom we loved are not with us in the New Year! Yet every New Year brings along with it new hopes and new dreams! To be alive to dream and hope itself is the greatest blessing! Many, by the time they realize their dreams are called back! Compared to them, we who are alive are fortunate though some of our dreams haven't come true! Very positive thoughts in a beautiful poem!

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John Sky Dadzie 16 January 2015

Tanks for sharing.

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Jak Black 15 January 2015

loose, defenseless. Lose, defenceless. A couple of spelling mistakes. Hope you don't mind me pointing them out. Enjoyed the poem.................. Since it is better to live and witness the death Of one's dreams than to die achieving them. Wonderful lines, so philosophical.

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Abekah Emmanuel

Abekah Emmanuel

Ghana, Eastern Region,
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