My Love Story....... Poem by Ravi Sathasivam

My Love Story.......

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Where do I start my love story
What you want to know about my love story
How can I tell about my sad love story
When I start to tell then my tears roll down
She was there always for me like an angel
I could hold her in my arm
I could hug her with my heart
I could kiss her tenderly
She gave her unconditional love with passion
She was the world to me
I have walked with her every moment and
the mountains and oceans opened their heart for us
What a wonderful day when I was with her
Those days were the best days of my life
But till the Satan separated me from her
I did not know that her sickness will end her life
She can not see the tears in my eyes
neither the pain in my heart that cries for her everyday
My love story ends into an incomplete story.

Lady Grace 31 October 2009

let your love story written in the pages of your memory dear, coz she is the most wonderful thing that happened in your life...

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Chitra - 31 October 2009

the impact love and its loss has on the soul...emotionally described...heart wrenching!

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Shalini Sundararamalingam 31 October 2009

is it a true story? ? ? ? if yes, then i feel sorry for you, its really wonderful to have someone who loves us so much near us, but its more painful when they are gone...

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Eyan Desir 31 October 2009

Awwww..sorry Well life is not fair... be strong

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Surya . 31 October 2009

ravi you have penned a beautiful and touching poem.congrats, voted10 surya

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Rajeshnayak 13 February 2018


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Rini Shibu 31 August 2017

So sad love story but very well written

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Fatma Maleta 11 December 2015

Wow this is very beautiful but very sad hope wherever she is she is fine and realizes how lucky she was

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Omar Ibrahim 05 November 2009

no don't cry! just remember the sweet's touching but wonderful poem....sure she knows that you are crying for her and so does don't cry and write a poem about her saying that you will never forget her and reminding her of your sweet moments....

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Seema Chowdhury 03 November 2009

very nice but surely sad. i wish her and you, both well. everyone has a story to share in life. thanks for sharing yours. take care

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