My Shadow Poem by Falana Zion

My Shadow

Rating: 5.0

I see you behind
Like an elite with his Entourage
I watch you strike like an arc
As I struggle to view you with my lamp

You have your mighty power
To become tiny or increase in size
To disappear with the ray of light
To paint me out as I am

I sit, you sit
You always act like my twin
But you flee at the sight of my light
Each time I decide to paint you with my lovely smile

You flee at the sight of my lamp
To appear on the other side
And during the day shift Earth
You wave at me to say Goodbye

What type of friend are thou?
You appear only in the dark
You wait not to behold the shining sky
In the dark, you make not yourself benight,
but appears like a monster hiding from the ray of light

Oh my shadow!
Why do you only show your side
Each time I sit or stand
But remain silent when I cry
Remain silent when I'm sad
Remain silent when I lost myself in the dark
And always gaze, each time I lost my sight

My shadow, my soul
Sing for me your lovely track I know
Let me be swallowed with your hopeful brow
For you're the only one that follows me blindly
Even when I'm Lost in the world unknown

Clean my tears before they stick to my ugly face
Shave my beards before they become a forest
That harbours pain, lack and distress
My shadow, give me hope on this hopeless terrestrial planet
For I know you're the only one that cares about my fate

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: shadow
Bernard F. Asuncion 06 March 2019

A well written piece, Falana.......10++++++++

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Falana Zion 17 March 2019

Thanks for reading through Bernard.....??

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Falana Zion 05 March 2019

My Shadow, my soul....

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Falana Zion

Falana Zion

Ekiti State, Nigeria
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