My Thief Poem by Darlene Walsh

My Thief

Rating: 4.8

In loneliness all my life I was standing apart
until I met you and life had a start
your presence is magic that will never depart
Should I call you a thief for stealing my heart

where would I be without you
I haven't got a clue
except my heart would be a dark brew

You looked at me and I thought you were jokin'
your words were things I've never heard spoken
you touched my hand and life was awoken
Should I call you a healer for mending what was broken

where would I be without you
as each day love grew
I awaited the drop of the other shoe

Maybe you thought loving the odd one was the fashion
a passing thought you were lying made me go ashen
but in my soul I felt true compassion
Should I call you a lover for filling me with passion

where would I be without you
everything's now so new
my reasons to be had been so few

When you first hinted true feelings it brought a tear
was this just another speed bump in life I had to bear
or was it your life you truly wanted to share
Should I call you a friend for always being there

where would I be without you
I knew you loved me too
our lives together would forever be true

Friday, July 3, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Thief, Healer, Lover, Friend. I wrote this poem a few weeks before our wedding (some minor updates this week, after our 1 year anniversary) . Bob and I have been married over a year now, it's still amazing to believe it's a dream come true.
Lyn Paul 17 July 2015

Beautiful words expressed and notes too. Keep your love so strong. Thank You

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Mohammad Skati 03 July 2015

I loved the whole poem. I felt it. Thanks.

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Khairul Ahsan 18 April 2020

The poem is pure and pristine. Evokes feelings of love in the readers' minds.

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Jak Black 03 January 2016

A wonderful love poem, Darlene. True love is what we all aspire to. After all the setbacks in your young life you were unsure at first but he gradually made you feel secure, you deserve it. Well done.

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Savita Tyagi 15 August 2015

Beautiful poem. A lovely tribute to a loving and caring partner and to the power of love. Wish you a long, wonderful and love filled life. Read this poem on Br's PH show case. Thanks for sharing.

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Bri Edwards 02 August 2015

Darla aka Darlene, i just submitted to showcase and noticed a very interesting (to me) 'thing' about your poem. is the way you used a set pattern for capitalizing [certain first-words-in-lines (and not in others) in your stanzas] something you did intentionally? ? ? bri :)

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Bri Edwards 02 August 2015

a dream come true? I HAD that happen 4 times! well, not exactly. congratulations on one-year-down! and thanks for sharing with us with such a lovely (ugh!) poem, with great rhyming. i especially appreciated: jok'n ...............he probably WAS! [i'm just jokin'! ] but now i notice that i typed jokin' and you typed jok'n. i'll bet you a box of large ice cream sandwiched that i'm right! now i sound like you are MY home-boss! and the second time around (reading this) , i also notice even more so how the rhyming is done. wonderful. favorite lines: Maybe you thought loving the odd one was the fashion a passing thought you were lying made me go ashen this will be #10 i think.......... in my/our August 'showcase' for PH poets on my PH site. :) bri

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