Needles In The Stand Poem by Jim Yerman

Needles In The Stand

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Sometimes it's the first one we pick up…sometimes it's the fourth or fifth…but when we find it…we mutually agree…for we always know when we have found our perfect Christmas tree.

And though we know it is a symbol of what this season is meant to be…for us it is also a once a year representation of what has become…our family tree.

In the bottom of our tree stand…over the years we have amassed…needles from old Christmas trees that will link this one with the past.

As we string the lights and hang the ornaments we dance this beautiful ballet…and when our dance is over…we see our family on display.

The story of our life…a wonderful life the two of us agree…told in all the ornaments hanging on our tree.

We love to re-read the stories of the family we hold dear…as we add yet another chapter to our Christmas tree each year.

And when this Christmas season is over and the new year's about to dawn…we'll smile as we pack away our ornaments…knowing our family story will go on.

We will toast this years tree as we always do…with a celebratory quaff…knowing next year's tree will pick up…where this year's tree left off.

And we'll wonder what new stories we will add to next year's tree by hand…
Perhaps that's why we always leave some needles in the bottom of our stand.

David Wood 27 November 2021

A beautiful poem with good images. Though I'm on my own now, so no tree for me I'm afraid.

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