No Full Moon Last Night Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

No Full Moon Last Night

Rating: 5.0

a great experience last night
to see a fierce landscape
all the darkest clouds on top of each other
you've never seen so dark
black dark
earth dark
darker, darkest
can't see anything through
in fifteen minutes the water gushed from the sky in buckets
many flashes of light
and violent rumbling
within fifteen minutes
everything calm again
well that was the long awaited thunderstorm in our area
in such weather you do not see the full moon
very very pity
bit pity

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Monday 26 July 2021

Sylvia Frances Chan 26 July 2021

Must be Full Moon last night, but a very pity, many heaviest sounds of thunders, but no Full Moon Last night

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M Asim Nehal 26 July 2021

I was lucky to see the Full moon yesterday at my farmhouse, though it was playonh hide and seek with clouds. WOnderful poem.5***

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Dominic Windram 27 July 2021

Wonderful poem Sylvia...thanks for sharing it!

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Indira Renganathan 27 July 2021

It is the psych of the sky that sometimes runs stormy amuck to disturb human pleasures...interesting poem---5*****

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Even behind the dark clouds, the moon and the stars smile.....Top marks Sylvia for the full Moon

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Even if you have caught a glimpse of it, you are lucky....Hope you did!

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It was an auspicious day in India called the Guru Purnima - celebrated by all artistes.

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So lucky you are, dearest friend Sylvia, to see the full moon last week!

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Sylvia Frances Chan

Sylvia Frances Chan

Jakarta, Indonesia
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