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I am a personal tutor (predominantly teaching English & Maths) from Hartlepool in the North East of England. I have a wide range of academic and creative interests from English Lit., art, sociology and politics to comparative religions, psychology and philosophy. I like to think that the ideas I have absorbed from my inter - disciplinary research are reflected in my poetry.

Dominic Windram Poems

May I Never Cease To Wonder

May I never cease to wonder:
At the cascading crystal blue waters
Of the waterfall; at each new dawn's
Sweet sunbursts of flesh pink magic.

Winter's Last Rose

Winter's last rose; rose of regret:
O how once your radiant beauty
Shimmered in summer's potent hour.
Now your faded petals offer,

These Days 3

These days, everyone seems distracted by their
Portable universes; their cool, handheld phones.
Nobody seems inclined to engage or converse
With anyone else. O what a sad state of affairs!

The Light Of Wise Words

We Poets

O we poets are poor creatures:
Scratching around amidst life's ruins;
For Time's worn out, discarded details,
Like that famed scavenger: Rauschenberg.

Dominic Windram Comments

Shaun Cronick 04 May 2020

Dominic Windram has already given poetry a legacy of finely written poems more valuable than gold. His poems radiate those rare and elusive qualities in poetry, absolute goodness and honest heart-felt clarity. Dominic gifts all with his wondrous and philosophical mind we find in each line and verse of his unique expression. A brilliant poet enchanter crafts engaging poems to leave us spellbound. Thank you Dominic.And I wish you the best this life and poetry has to offer.

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Alexandro Johns 03 April 2020

Thanks for your comment Dominic.

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Judith Blatherwick 07 June 2021

I'm an outlier on this site. Why you ask? Because I was kicked off for being apremier troll.

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Judith Blatherwick 07 June 2021

Welcome to my poems, may you learn how not to write.

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Jeanne 04 December 2020

Cant find a bio for this guy.....great poems....anyone know more about him?

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Dr Dillip K Swain 14 October 2021

A poet who is indifferent of others' stance. Truthful expression is the hallmark of his poetry! May God increase his tribe!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 10 October 2021

Dominic Windram is prolific writer. His poetry is simple, lucid and beautiful. He is an unbiased soul. A wonderful gift to this august poetry site!

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Brielle Kellems 04 October 2021

I must ask if 'winter's last rose' and 'my eternal rose' can be found in any published works. I'm writing a paper and they must be published to be included.

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Judith Blatherwick 07 June 2021

I cant rest cos I'm insane.

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Judith Blatherwick 07 June 2021

Shaun Cronick. Another of my weak pseudonyms.

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