Bri Mar

'' No More Than A Coward '' - Poem by Bri Mar

That very word bully can bring on such fear,
They are so unruly their cruelty can sear,
Their sole aim in life is to be the bearer,
Of terrible strife they love to cause terror.

They can be scary to those victims they choose,
But they're always wary about who they abuse,
They pick on the lonely and pounce on the meek,
Their intention is only to terrorise the weak.

It is only fun is their sickening excuse,
They'll use any reason to dish out abuse,
Their personal involvement they always deny,
If truth be told their whole life is a lie.

It's not gender based it's both female and male,
In evil they're encased for they pick on the frail,
Their age is no barrier they're both young and old,
Of disease they're the carrier their actions are cold.

An audience is required that helps bullies thrive,
It gets them all fired it makes them feel alive,
You get bullies at work or with children at play,
All over they lurk every hour every day.

They are all around us bullying adults and kids,
When they're driven to ground their life hits the skids,
There's a sure fire way that they can be beat,
If you cause them affray they'll admit defeat.

Tell your teacher or manager you need disclosure,
Make the bully a feature they detest exposure,
They need to be shown you will never concede,
When your spirit has grown you'll have sown the seed.

When they know you'll fight back they will lower their tone,
They'll no longer attack they will leave you alone,
Show them you're aware that their actions are sad,
Seeing you don't fear them will drive them mad.

A bully has no friends let's make that clear,
Their sole aim in life is to rule others by fear,
They are sad and lonely that's how they exist,
Yet when they are gone they will never be missed.

Yes life can be cruel but that applies to us all,
A bully's but a fool their bravado is small,
When stripped of their presence they're no longer empowered,
A bully in essence is,

‘' No More Than A Coward ‘'

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem is dedicated to anyone who has or is suffering bullying, read it digest it and start fighting back.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 31, 2012

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