*** No Need To Say Sorry *** -In Top 500 Poem by ANJALI SINHA

*** No Need To Say Sorry *** -In Top 500

Rating: 3.9

Was there a need,
For thou,
To say I’m sorry.
thou called me divine,
A goddess,
God’s emanation of love,
Noble quality’s treasure trove.

Call nay fool thou art,
Inebriated by ephemeral youth,
Led by blind folded truth,
Rendered powerless by the power brute.
Thou say,
I, thy golden destiny,
Not say thou ridiculed me,
But exalted me to divine status,
Who descended,
To expand thy world tiny,

Just as thirsty needs water
And not water needs thirsty,
Likewise I needed your love
And not love needed me.

You have my heart dear,
Full of kindness and love
No need to beseech me for love,
Thy trove always be filled
Under the canopy of my wide heart.
The moon, the stars, the constellations,
Stand witness of my words depart.


Tanvi Damle 04 December 2008

wow! ! i realli luvd it! ! ! !

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Austin Womer 06 December 2008

beautiful, enchanting, and just a great poem

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Ridge Cahill 08 December 2008

The title attracted me (you know why) . This is a magnificent poem, written with a whimsical Shakespearen charm.

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Mark Nwagwu 20 December 2008

Thirsty needs water, not water thirsty. You're right, Anjali, but you might wish to consider too that water does indeed need thirsty for it to be water. Without thirsty water might not be water anymore, it would be something else that does not quench your thirst. You need love, yes; but I bet love also needs you for you do personify what love is all about. What if there is an equation that Anjali = love, and love = Angeli, how about that? Can you beat rthat? Mark

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 18 November 2008

' The moon, the stars, the constellations, Stand witness of my words depart '. Whoever he, will smile after reading this. Oh how I wish, I was the one ' he '. Regards, Sulaiman

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Subbaraman N V 23 August 2013

Yes; we realize there is no need!

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Ken E Hall 22 June 2010

Wow factor poem indeed...I feel it so religous as a desciple would speak to his flock speaking very meaningful words...extreme goodness here from the heart...+++++10 mmmm Saint Anjali sounds right; wink wink

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Anand Madhukar 06 October 2009

The intensity of emotions has been captured exceedingly well.

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Soumyendu Biswas 27 July 2009

Emotional, aint you! You write really, really well Those powerful feelings, like a searchlight.. made me wake up Awake And a grimace in pain!

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 22 February 2009

that was a lovely poem..full of emotions..gives a thirst for that true love

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