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Noxious Weeds

Rating: 5.0

He pulls the noxious weeds
Of our Montana summer place
His shirt and shorts not matching
And I smile at his time-creased face
He’s the man I learn the most from
He’s the man who sets me straight
He’s the man who drives me crazy
He’s the man on my life-time plate
‘Cause I know I’ll never leave him
Oh Lord I thought I would

But as the years went slowly by
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Tailor Bell 05 September 2007

draws you in to those mature questions and reassurances that afflict so many...the wonderment of life's choices and how those decisions evolve. we all examine our place in life, one way or another. this is a brilliant piece, Marilyn. an excellent read. -Tailor (:

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Sandra Fowler 30 August 2007

Warm, genuine, and very touching. This one deserves much applause. As always, Sandra

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Ted Sheridan 28 August 2007

I'd swear my wife wrote this. Always saying she should have left me but never doing it, at least to my knowledge anyway. This spoke to my heart.

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Richard A. Davis SR. 28 August 2007

Beautiful poem, I read it, then re-read it swapping the he's with she's and got a little teary eyed. Spoke volumes to me. Very well done! !

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Sean North 28 August 2007

i luv it i do.......................................

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