Ode To Maternity Poem by Dave Dafes

Ode To Maternity

How beautiful art thou,
O regal bud!
Bloated with fecund whelps
She's the Spring,
Bulge with copious foliage
Of neonate lives.
Restock Earth's sphere,
With their euphoric essence,

As the pacific,
Astir with aquatic splendor,
Without her,
Earth's thirst unsated tarries,
All nature,
Shrivel 'n' die then be
A field laden with lush pastures above,
Within her bowel,
Inhume, inestimable treasures.

From a bloated cocoon,
Blooms a beauteous butterfly.
So does the bloated bud,
From the cocoon of maternity.
My dear little bud,
Into motherhood blooms
With fluttering wings,
Radiates every hue infused in the sun,

How beautiful art thou?
Oh wondrous sight!
How gracious thou art?
Oh sweet blossom,
Bloated with bud!
Ravagingly radiant is thy sight
Oh my lady,
When thou hast bloated with child!

You're far beyond compare,
Oh regal bloom!
You far exceed all rubies,
Your worth,
All scales 'n' balances break
Nothing created competes with thee,
You're lunar in all her glories,
Illuminally attired with Aurora

Nay, she's night candles, winking at us
Oh she's the sun bloated with warmth,
Radiates new lives tucked into her golden touch
She's the paragon of pearls,
A citadal of arcane beauty,
Shrouded in an enigmatic phenomenon,
Entrenched in a mysterious sublimity,
Wrapped in the core of wisdom,
Yet a riddle none could fathom

Once a tender bud,
Now a full blown bloom
'Cos such's the nature of life.
Buds doth bloom,
While it's of blossoms to wither 'n' fade away
Awestruck was I,
When I beheld my blossom bloated with bud,
How sublimely magnificent hath thou!

She morphed into a gorgeous flower,
When Solar's lips kissed her tender petals,
She yields her wondrous whorl
Into an astoundingly stunning blossom of motherhood,

She's an aster vessel of genetic foliage,
A custodian of our immortality,
She sails through life's ocean,
With a censer, to disperse d genes
Sown in her from yore's past
On the fields of fore
She ensures the continuity & survival of our species

Ode To Maternity
Saturday, October 12, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: joy,life,love and life,motherhood,children,nature
Inspired by my sister. Our dearest little blossom as she bloomed before our eyes into from a bud into a lovely blossom. Still perplexed by her rapid metamorphosis, we were amazed when this blossom bloated with her own bud as she traversed her maternity....
Tamara Beryl Latham 12 October 2019

You've certainly captured the " girl to woman" transformational aspect in this poem. Your impression of the beauty associated with motherhood is heart-wrenching. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and penning these wonderful words. : -)

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Dave Dafes 12 October 2019

Thanks Tamara for the lovely comment... I really appreciate it. Your words are wonderfully kind and sweet. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment...

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Dave Dafes

Dave Dafes

Ughelli, Delta State Nigeria
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