Ode To The Word, The Soul. Poem by Dawn Novus

Ode To The Word, The Soul.

Rating: 4.3

The river beside me, unmistakable sounds

The sun has just come out from the clouds

The jaunty autumn wind flicks the pages I hold

So the heart of this ray of light stirs

Amniotic watered and gentle

Awakening another chamber of love my heart...in these lines

In these rustling symbiotic words of divine

The ink seeps and bleeds into the very fabric of me

Indelible and never to be released

Such utter beauty your words..your words

Falling into shards of sunkissed worlds

Passion in the purest. A poetic dalliance with the word

Excruciatingly exquisite in its lines

Symmetry, aligning, Symmetry,

My love for You has reached a new high

The height of which I cannot describe.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Thomas Plotz 30 September 2018

I love your uses of the word Dalliance - it is true; we do have almost a sexual relationship. Our oh so dear words we speak and read. It's exciting, enjoyable and stimulates our very being. - Thank you Dawn, most exquisite, My love for You has reached a new high, The height of which I cannot describe. Tom 105

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 28 April 2018

Wow sublime poem, eloquent wording. Wow newzealander poetess, u write superbly. Great love muse. Kudos I must say. Pleez do write your thoughts under my newest poem too, titled, dark skinned vs fair skin, I would love to hear your views

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George Krokos 17 April 2018

A nice poem Dawn with some good imagery in writing about your word. Keep at it.

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Dawn Novus 17 April 2018

Thank you George, for taking the time to read and comment on my poem.

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