Of Mothers And Fathers Ruling Our Lives Poem by Gayathri Seetharam

Of Mothers And Fathers Ruling Our Lives

Of mothers and fathers ruling our lives
-Gayathri B. Seetharam
I was raking the leaves that had fallen
From our maple tree last week
When underneath the yellow maple leaves,
There were little green shoots
Which made me feel
That there is an evergreen aspect
About Mother Earth and Mother Nature
For if the snow melts
We have green shoots during the respite
Lulling us into thinking
That there is a spring-like aspect
About autumn and winter
If one can forget the chilling quality of Father Frost
Who does ensure that there are sparrows chirping happily
And chipmunks capering around
Thanks to the bird seeds scattered
In our opposite house garden path
Then there is Father Time who
Does not speed up the wintry days
And his clock does not get a lot shorter
However, there is a joyful aspect about mild, wintry days
The white carpet of snow on the ground
Winter has the scent of newness
For it feels like another winter enveloping us
With its cold and cheery quality
Of a Christmassy feel
And I think I must bake Earl Gray cookies
With meringue icing
That leaves its signature on another year
That has passed by without rewarding me
With the gift of money for hard work
Tarry a while! Isn't it still the end of November 2019
With a whole month of visits from Father Time
Ample time for paycheques to come my way.

Of Mothers And Fathers Ruling Our Lives
Anil Kumar Panda 04 December 2019

Beautiful write. Enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks.

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Kostas Lagos 29 November 2019

Christmass approaching! Lovely!

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